The best Samsung Galaxy A52 5G prices, deals and contracts

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals prices
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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals are the latest offering from Samsung’s affordable A branch. Supplying 5G, some impressive specs and Samsung’s usual stylish design, this is a device well worth its price tag.

In fact, this is arguably one of Samsung’s best cheap handsets yet. Despite its low £399/$419 price tag, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G isn’t far off some of the specs of Samsung’s flagship phones with over double the price.

As the name implies, it’s a 5G device - something pretty rare in smartphones of this price. It also manages to offer a 120Hz refresh rate...again, a higher-tier feature. That refresh rate pairs well with the device’s 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, giving you a solid viewing experience just shy of Samsung’s higher-tier choices.

Where Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals really thrive is in the camera and battery. Featuring a 4500mAh battery, you’re getting a larger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 12 Pro, or Google Pixel 5.

Move into the camera and you’ll be getting a performance that looks great on paper. A 64MP main sensor with optical image stabilization, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a 32MP selfie camera.

Realistically, the body and design isn’t quite as high quality as the flagships of this world and the processing power comes in slightly below those top-tier devices as well, but for those on a budget, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals are certainly one of the best Android choices right now. The older A50 earned a place on our best gaming phone list and the newer model certainly looks like a contender too.

There is also the fact that it’s one of the most affordable 5G devices around and in a surprising turn, you’ll be getting a charger in the box - something we’ve recently seen Samsung skip with its flagship phones.

How to use our Samsung Galaxy A52 price comparison chart

  • Plans (UK only): These are your contract-type Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals. Usually lasting 24 months, these allow you to spread the cost of the device out while also bundling it with a network package that includes your data, texts and call minutes. The filter options at the side allow you to sort by costs, data amounts and more.  
  • Unlocked: Don't want to be tied down to a contract? These options allow you to just buy the phone on its own. No commitment required and a tempting option when the Galaxy A52 price starts so low. If you're already on a SIM only deal, just pop your current SIM into this phone. If not...
  • SIM only (UK only): When buying an unlocked phone outright you'll be wanting a SIM to go with it. We don't mean one of those old pay-as-you-go ones either. Many of the best SIM only deals here start with just a 1-month rolling contract. Although, if you want to go big on data and don't mind signing up for 12 months maybe, you can get some fantastic prices too. You can use these SIM only deals on any phone too, the deals below are not tied to the Samsung Galaxy A52.

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Trade-in schemes: how to save money on your new phone

Sell your phone with Sellmymobile

Sell your phone with Sellmymobile
Yes, it’s an exceptionally cheap phone but why not try and save even more money? If you trade in your old device, you can get some money back, effectively reducing the amount you’re spending to get the Galaxy A52.

While there are a bunch of places that allow you to sell your phone, the website SellmyMobile is one of the best choices. That’s because it pulls in the best options from a range of websites to get you the best price on your new phone.

The amount you’ll get depends on the condition of your device, how old it is and more but you could gain a good couple of hundred pounds back!

SIM-free Samsung Galaxy A52 5G deals

Not everybody is going to want to go down the route of a phone contract. If you are one of those people who would rather avoid a two year contract, going SIM-free will be the better choice.

As we said above, the handset will cost you £399/$419 SIM-free. In the grand scheme of the phone world, that’s a pretty budget price, making it perfect to pair with a cheap SIM only deal. This can get you an overall more affordable price than a phone contract.

Of course, the only issue with going SIM-free is that you’ll have to spend a lot more upfront. The Samsung Galaxy A52 deals at the top of the page will spread your costs out more evenly across the 24 month period

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