The Benchwarmers review

It’s revenge of the nerds on the sports pitch time with this unsubtle (no!) new Rob Schneider effort. His Gus drags two friends, David Spade and Jon 'Napoleon Dynamite' Heder, into a crazy baseball tournament that sees the threesome pitched against local Little League teams. It makes almost no sense, but this is a Schneider film, so that’s par for the course.

If the endless dumb humour doesn’t make you sigh in frustration, then not to worry... there’s an artless attempt to shoehorn real emotion into the film with a “shocking” revelation about one of our zero-heroes that’s sure to make you wince. Yes, the lesson about Not Being A Bully is stomped into the brain like a bully’s boot into the guts of a cowering wimp. Under-10s will be snorting popcorn from their noses. Everyone else will be wishing the film came with a beaker of booze to dull the pain.

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