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The absolute worst Sonic moments

Our seemingly endless list of Sonic grievances comes to an end with a rather cheap shot: compromising photos.

Promotional shots for Riders. Is he posing or buffing the floors of a parking garage?

Getting married to Princess... do we really have to type this? Princess Sally Acorn. Oh look, he even taps his foot at the altar.

And to wrap it all up, watch Sonic's slow realization of how far he's fallen while visiting GamesRadar last year:

Hand on his belly, feeling good, giving the peace sign with ex-Radarite Christian Nutt.

Another peace sign, but now his hands fallen to the side. Not feeling it as much with executive editor Eric Bratcher.

Down to one finger and far less enthusiasm with production editor Carolyn Gudmundson.

And now, with Nintendo editor Brett Elston, his hands fall to his side, sickened at what he's become - the Capital City Goofball of the video game world. Look kids, it's a washed-up celebrity that'll do anything for publicity.

If you need a solid Sonic pick-me-up after all that, check out all of his classic games re-reviewed from earlier this month. They're sure to remind you of his former glory.

Apr 23, 2008