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The 50 Most Awesome Movie Fights... EVER!

One in the ribs! Two in the gibs! It's time to celebrate the movie scraps that give other cinematic tussles awesome lessons.

We've gathered mutants and musclemen, monsters and maniacs, not to mention Arnie, Sly, Van Damme and Seagal for the mother of all movie awesome smackdowns.

So, seconds out for round one. All together now: “FIGHT!"

50. Ran-Cor Blimey!

49. Double Trouble

48. Paddywhacking

47. Bennett Buys It

46. Logan’s Ruin

Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) vs Harvey Logan (Ted Cassidy): Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)

Butch returns from a bank-scouting expedition to find his leadership of the Hole-In-The-Wall gang usurped by lumbering giant Logan.

Challenged to a knife duel, Cassidy follows the path of least resistance – and boots his opponent very hard in the nuts.

With Harvey on his knees clutching his pills, Butch sends over a flailing haymaker that lays the big guy out.

Next: Just For Kicks, Robo-Rumble, The Russian Is Cut, The Eye Has It, Power Animal


45. Just For Kicks

44. Robo-Rumble

43. “The Russian Is Cut!”

42. The Eye Has It

41. Power Animal

Next: Bar Brawl: Take One, Catfight!, Boogeymen Bash-Up, Shark Bait, Smashing!


40. Bar Brawl: Take One

39. Catfight!

38. Bogeymen Bash-Up

37. Shark Bait!

36. Smashing!

Next: Wolverine Meets His Match, Firestarter, Raging Brad, Karate For Beginners, Two Lions Go To War


35. Wolverine Meets His Match

34. Firestarter!

Ting (Tony Jaa) vs Anonymous Thug: Ong-Bak (2003)

Flames of fury: after a petrol station goes ka-boom, Muay-Thai mentalist Tony Jaa does the decent thing and sets fire to his trouser legs, knocking out and also chargrilling his opponent in one effortless move.

WINNER! Tony dives into a barrel of water to put out the fire. No need for Deep Heat tonight, mate.

33. Raging Brad

32. Karate For Beginners

31. Two Lions Go To War

Next: Beautiful Destruction, Bar Brawl: Take Two, A Close Shave, Swing High, Swing Blade


30. Beautiful Destruction

29. Bar Brawl: Take Two

28. A Close Shave

27. Swing High

26. Swing Blade

Next: Chain Gang-Up, Cemetery Smackdown, Millwall Cosh, Seconds Out, Ripping Yarn


25. Chain Gang-Up

24. Cemetery Smackdown

23. Millwall Cosh

22. Seconds Out

21. Ripping Yarn

Next: Strip Show, Max Overdrive, Spy Vs Spy, Trucker's Ruck, Future Shock


20. Strip Show

19. Max Overdrive

18. Spy Vs Spy

17. Trucker’s Ruck

16. Future Shock

Douglas Quaid/Hauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) vs Various Tubby Construction Workers: Total Recall (1990)

With chunky co-workers pinning his arms and a gun-toting baldy loon about to off him, the Austrian Oak gets willowy with a vertiginous 90-degree double-kick, slams his captors together and then starts with the spine-snapping.

WINNER! With a face-smashing karate chop, neck-cracking headlock and vertebrae-shattering kick, The Governator conquers all.

Next: Best Of The Best, Specky Slaps, Chief Whip, Ali Boma Ye!, Arach Attack


15. Best Of The Best

14. Specky Slaps

13. Chief Whip!

12. “Ali, Boma Ye!”

11. Arach-Attack

Next: David Does Goliath, Saloon Brawl, Come On!, Fistophobia, Pen Pals


10. David Does Goliath

9. Saloon Brawl

8. “Come On!”

7. Fistophobia

6. Pen Pals

Next: Sheer Heart Attack, Never Got Me Down Ray, One-Man Army, That's The Spirit, Monster Mash


5. Sheer Heart Attack

4. “Never Got Me Down, Ray!”

3. One-Man Army

2. “That’s The Spirit!”

1. Monster Mash!

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