The 10 greatest Halloween gaming events from beyond the grave

Yeah, you could carve a pumpkin for Halloween. Or you could load up one of your favourite games and see what spooky goings on are crawling, revenant-like from the mist. Now, this isn't an exhaustive list because there's a lot going on. Instead, consider this instead a round up of the best gaming events going on this spooky season - a list of monstrous ingredients for a witch's brew of eerie updates. 

GTA Online 

When is it? October 28 onwards
How much? Prices vary
What’s happening? The big centerpiece to GTA's online Halloween fun this year is the Sanctus Motorcycle, a skull-headed bike with more than a hint of Ghost Rider to it. The new Lost vs Damned mode introduces a fight teams of Angels and Devils with a 60 second day/night cycle favouring light and dark sides - depending on who's time it is they'll have increased armour, health and better weapons. "Classic GTA Online Halloween vehicles and items" will also be back, along with some extra bonuses to be announced later.


When is it? October 26 to November 9
How much? Prices vary
What’s happening? Destiny’s Festival of the Lost is returning to The Tower and bringing with it a host of Halloween themed masks, quests and other extras. There are 16 masks in total that can be gained by completing quests for outfitter Eva Levante. Wearing them then unlocks even more challenges and rewards. There will also be Treasures of the Lost bags for some random tricks and treats, candy to eat giving you different stats boosts, new emotes (including the return of the Thriller dance) and a new Crucible map, The Cathedral of Dusk, on the Dreadnought. That last one will be hanging around after Halloween as well. There’s even a free secret broomstick Sparrow to find. 

Pokemon Go

When is it? October 26 to November 1
How much? Free
What’s happening? While the event’s on you can earn extra candies for various activities. So, catching a Pokémon will earn you six candies, the professor will pay up two for every Pokémon you send him and Buddy Pokémon will give you four candies. At the same times the proportion of spooky Pokémon will increase so expect to catch a lot more Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno and Zubats (because they’re always in short supply, right?). 


When is it? October 21 to November 7
How much? Prices vary
What’s happening? A new twist within Ultimate Team called, yup, Ultimate Scream. 23 players are available on limited edition black-and-orange cards, which ‘come alive’ for this weekend (Oct 28 to Nov 1) and each get big stats boots during that period. They’re only available in packs until 10am PDT on 28 October, so you’ll have to move fast to snag one. Additionally, Ultimate Scream ‘Squad Building Challenges’ enable you to trade some of these players by building a team around them, within a specified framework. Complete each challenge to score even better items, such as an 87-rated Dmitri Payet – a card that legitimately will terrorise all opponents.

Street Fighter 5

When is it? October 11 to November 29
How much? Prices vary
What’s happening? To get seasonal Street Fighter 5 will be adding a range of spooky costumes and a Halloween stage in which to fight while wearing them. The costumes cost $3.99/€3.99/£3.29 each, while the stage itself will be $1.99/€1.99/£1.29 (or 40K in-game fight money). Ryu, Necalli, Nash, Vega, Cammy, Juri, and Alex will all get suitably ghoulish new looks, with each costume rocking 10 colour variations.

The Elder Scrolls Online

When is it? Now until November 1
How much? Free
What’s happening? Zenimax’s MMO take on The Elder Scrolls is adding The Witches Festival to celebrate Halloween. It lets players players turn themselves into the Undead, gaining a 100% XP boost and unlocking a special achievement. There’s also spooky loot, such as special motifs to customise your gear, masks and more. By picking up a Crow Caller you can also activate The Witchmother’s Bargain quest. Finish tha,t and you’ll earn the The Witchmother‘s Cauldron which lets you polymorph yourself and any of your friends to look like the undead. That in turn lets you get Plunder Skulls as a drop for killing bosses to unlock all the other themed goodies.


When is it? Now until November 1
How much? $2 for 2 Halloween Loot boxes, with more bundle deals
What’s happening? Overwatch is getting spooky for Halloween, with a brand-new Player vs Environment map named Junkenstein’s Revenge, new skins, emotes, and sprays, highlight intros and more. In the PvE map you’ll be fighting Junkenstein’s hordes of zomnics (zombie robots) while looking good in your new Halloween skin. Ana, Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mercy, Pharah, Reaper, Rienhardt, Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Symmetra and Zenyatta all have their very own Halloween outfits, but some, such as Mercy’s witch skin and Reaper’s pumpkin head skin, will cost 3,000 credits each - which means you’ll have to buy a heap of loot boxes to get anywhere near that amount. 

Rocket League

When is it? October 18 to November 1
How much? Free
What’s happening? Everyone’s favourite improbable mix of cars and football is getting into the season spirit with a range of random free drops. That includes things like the Bone King Topper or Ghost decoration for the roof of your car. As far as aerial additions go, there’s also the Fuzzy Skull ornament to wobble about as you score. But the winner overall has to be the Netherworld Rocket Trail that leaves a cloud of glowing green skulls in your wake. While the event’s active 2015’s spooky drops will also be available.

Final Fantasy 14

When is it? October 22 to November 4
How much? Free
What’s happening? You’ll have to be level 15 and have finished the quest "It's Probably Pirates" to access Final Fantasy 14’s Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake. However, assuming you are, then you can access a quest to help an investigator from the Adventurers’ Guild explore the visiting Continental Circus. In terms of items there’s a natty vampire outfit to wear, a bat-winged Continental Eye minion, a pumpkin stew consumable, two Orchestrion rolls to play music on the in-game juke box and a Magicked Prism to conjure up pumpkin-themed illusions. 

Dying Light 

When is it? October 29 to October 30
How much? Free
What’s happening? What else are you going to call the Halloween event in a zombie game but Zombiefest? Dying Light's stab at seasonal scares involves a Halloween Community Bounty that will track survivor and hunter kills globally to finally decide who's the best. It'll also introduce new ranks such as Crippled Carnivore, Mutilated Stalker, Superior Challenger, Savage Widow Maker, Hunted Hunter, Indisputable Apex Predator, and more. There's also a special set of gold weapons for everyone who takes part. 

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