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Test Drive Unlimited review

The greatest showroom on Earth?


  • Damn sexy cars
  • Boggling number of races
  • Owning homes


  • Irritating five-o
  • Island's a little too big sometimes
  • Might turn off sim buffs

Test Drive Unlimited is quite unlike any other driving game. How on Earth could anyone think it possible - or sane - to try and replicate a tropical paradise etched with some 1000 miles of roads, featuring no load times when roaming, accurately-rendered cars from over two-dozen manufacturers (including detailed dashboard views) and a sickening number of race-based challenges? We don’t know. But Melbourne House, thankfully, hasn’t even stopped to get snagged on such a question - it’s just knuckled down, crammed everything in from the Xbox 360 version and squeezed out something of a technical marvel.

More Info

DescriptionIt's tough to imagine a better looking driving game than this one, which gives you gorgeous vehicles and then lets you rev their engines across a stunning setting.
Franchise nameTest Drive
UK franchise nameTest Drive
PlatformXbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC
US censor ratingTeen
Release date5 September 2006 (US), 16 February 2007 (UK)