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Tekken: Dark Resurrection review

Beat 'em up, then dress 'em up

For the legions of Tekken fans, however, this one's bursting with stuff to do. Pick one of the numerous characters and play through their story, fight your way through endless battles to improve your rank or hit up a training dojo to unlock new goodies for your fully customizable fighters.

The dress-up aspect of Dark Resurrection dwarfs anything before it in the series. You can meticulously stylize each of the characters with new clothes or bizarre accessories, such as teddy bears, choker chains and elaborate face paint. It's all part of the offbeat Tekken vibe - it's super serious stuff, but the goofy fighters and Mardi Gras costumes always let you know that even a demonic, laser-spitting monster can have a good time. In fact, unlocking all these new accessories is what kept us banging away for hours, just to see how ludicrously attractive we could make the ladies, and how utterly ridiculous the buffed-out mountain men look with a face full of makeup.

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DescriptionEvery bit as brutal and beautiful as the console versions, this handheld Tekken is a showpiece game for the PSP.
Franchise nameTekken
UK franchise nameTekken
US censor ratingTeen
Release date25 July 2006 (US), (UK)