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Teen Wolf 3.09 "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Murder, she screamed

Teen Wolf 3.09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” TV REVIEW

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Episode 3.09
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Tim Andrew

THE ONE WHERE Ms Blake’s and Lydia’s true identities are revealed and Allison becomes suspicious of her father.

VERDICT It seems that creator Jeff Davis is taking the reigns a lot more this season – providing the scripts to more episodes than any previous season. This decision has enabled season three to be the best of Teen Wolf yet. This is a drama that’s streets ahead of the competition, and is quickly filling the boots of a Buffy -like cult adoration.

The sacrifices are still happening and despite the gang’s best efforts, they’re yet to stop any. This week, poor old Deputy Tara Grahame is the latest of the Darach’s sacrifices after attending a 911 call in Beacon Hills High School. There’s the usual darkened corridors and eerie sounds that make the opening as tense as it gets, and thanks to some clever camera work from Tim Andrew, there’s plenty of jump-in-your-seat moments. We also get a good look at the Darach itself – it actually looks a bit cheesy but the throat-slashing is pretty terrifying.

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Once again, Lydia (Holland Roden) finds the body during another of her fugue states. We’ve had plenty of small, subtle clues of Lydia’s true identity so far, but none that really tell us who she is – finding dead bodies, screaming (a lot) and drawing trees must mean something and thankfully, Davis has decided that “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” will reveal all. Although Tara wasn’t exactly a well-known character on the show, when Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) utters to his father, “…she helped me with my math homework when I had to wait at the station for you,” you can’t deny thare’s a sudden lump in your throat. It’s also the beginning of many scenes featuring Stiles and Sheriff Stalinski (Linden Ashby) this week that further prove this to be one of the most tender relationships throughout the entire show.

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After finding the marked map in her father’s study, Allison (Crystal Reed) decides it’s time to finally figure out what it all means. She has the help of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) after she nearly stabs him for stalkerish behaviour. There’s been a hint of romance between these two, and this week is the first episode to really give them some solo screen time. Investigating the map once again, the pair discover the Celtic symbol of a five-fold-knot on the desk with all five sacrifice types marked – virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers and guardians. It seems Chris Argent knows far more than he’s been letting on.

When another teachers goes missing, Isaac and Allison set out to find the body before it’s too late. Studying the map using their knowledge of currents, they’re able to locate him (not before plenty of close-to-face staring and hand-over -and holding). They eventually find the teacher, with Allison racing to free him from his neck straining rope. Chris Argent suddenly appears, shooting bullet after bullet towards the Durach but it’s too late – it’s gone. So, it’s a relief to know Chris Argent isn’t the murdering menace he was made out to be but it should be interesting to see how he came to know all about the sacrifices.

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Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) decides to make an appearance this week too, much to the delight of a passion panting Ms Blake (Hayley Webb) who jumps on him like nobody’s business. This particular encounter almost ruined the entire episode – seriously Teen Wolf , STOP with all the slow-mo smooching; you might not think you’re better than that, but you SO are.

With one deputy dead and a teacher missing, Allison calls Stiles to warn him that his Dad might be next in line for the sacrifice treatment. With no other options left, Stiles decides its time to come clean – about everything. Taking a beaten Cora (Adelaide Kane) along with him (earlier, she tried her luck at killing Aiden and came off worse) as proof of werewolf existence, Stiles tries to explain to dad what’s been going on with the aid of a chessboard. Sheriff Stalinksi’s confusion is brilliantly executed and almost mirrors that of anyone who is yet to see Teen Wolf – or be convinced by these recent five star ratings. The chemistry between O’Brien and Ashby is heart-achingly good, with Ashby really proving his worth as a noteworthy character. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe Stiles and with Cora fainting before she gets to sprout her wolfie hairs, it seems a lost cause.

Ms Blake has organised a recital at the school to commemorate all of the recently-deceased, which seeing as the school is the place where most of these murders have happened, seems a perfect choice. Packing out the school hall with teenage werewolves galore, it’s pretty obvious that something’s about to go down. Davis and Andrew work effortlessly here, providing enough underlying tension to make the final ten minutes a truly hands-on-face experience. Although, a really sweet moment between Ethan and Danny has you almost forgetting the impending doom.

Lydia receives a text from Aiden to meet her, but the next shot sees Aiden complaining that he’s lost his phone. It’s here that Lydia comes face-to-face with a very evil Ms Blake (dressed in leathers and huge heels, natch). Webb plays the baddie deliciously well, explaining that Lydia isn’t a sacrifice – she just knows too much. The spooky, insistent classical music performed in the school hall is a brilliant soundtrack throughout this sequence, with even M Morrell (Bianca Lawson) looking worried.

Thankfully, Scott and Stiles are able to come to Lydia’s rescue thanks to one of Holland Roden’s immeasurable screams. It’s after this scream that we discover who Lydia is – the wailing woman, or Banshee. But with Scott beaten and Stiles blocked out from the room, it’s left to Sheriff Stalinski to save the day. Ms Blake is quick to stab him in the upper chest and with Stiles looking on, unable to help his father; it’s an absolutely heartbreaking watch. A quick kiss from Ms Blake to Sheriff Stalinski reveals her as the Durach but it’s too late – Stalinski is gone before Scott or Stiles are able to save him.

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The episode finishes with a shot of broken glass and a frantic Stiles shouting for his father. “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” is one of the most devastating and well-executed episodes the show has ever produced. Still, at least Sheriff Stalinski has no choice but to believe Stiles after that raucous.

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BEST BIT A teacher’s throat is slashed by a piano string – the last sacrifice. Unexpected and clever writing from Davis.

LIGHTS OUT Does no one ever turn the lights on in Beacon Hills High?

SUBTEXT Lydia goes missing – Stiles claims she’s not “answering texts”. Do kids not call each other these days?

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BEST LINE Stiles tries to explain the supernatural to his father.
Sheriff Stalinksi: “So, who’s the Kanima?”
Stiles: “Jackson.”
Sheriff Stalinksi: “No, Jackson’s a werewolf.”
Stiles: “Jackson was the Kanima first and then Peter and Derek killed him and he came back to life as a werewolf; now he’s in London.” (Nice Landis reference there)

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