Teen Wolf 2.03 "Ice Pick" REVIEW

TV REVIEW The wolf pack grows

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Teen Wolf 2.03 "Ice Pick" REVIEW

Episode 2.03
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Tim Andrew

THE ONE WHERE Derek continues his pack recruitment, Erica goes through some serious changes and Lydia gets a visit from the past.

VERDICT Teen Wolf was onto a winner with episode two, with plenty of bloodthirsty action and teen angst. However, the writers seem to have slipped back into their lazy ways and hope that a few quirky remarks and “steamy” close-ups will do enough to keep you interested. Sadly, that's not really the case. It gets off to a good start, with the increasingly annoying Allison being kidnapped from an abandoned petrol station. All is well though, as it turns out it's just a routine hunting exercise organised by her dear father. A few token warrior lines are delivered by Mr Argent (played by JR Bourne) who still hasn't quite grasped the whole intense dad/werewolf hunter extraordinaire disposition that the role is crying out for.

Then we meet shy Erica (played by Gage Golighty) – an epileptic teenager, who is mocked by her peers and suffers a seizure whilst making her way up a climbing wall in the gymnasium. While in the hospital, she comes face to face with – you guessed it – Derek, our Alpha male. Unsurprisingly in the next scene, Erica appears to have got herself some skinny black jeans, a rather low-cut top and a helping hand from her make-up bag. Yep, she's a werewolf and apparently, stealing your classmate's apple and growling at Scott in the hallway makes you an instant badass. So, as we can see Derek's pack is on the up and he only needs one more to complete his “army”. Is that a war we're sensing?

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles take Allison and Lydia on a romantic date to an empty ice rink. The writers seem to be increasingly turning Stiles into a modern-day Seth Cohen, complete with witty banter and that special geeky charm. Sadly, the date goes awry once Lydia sees the late Peter Hale trapped beneath the ice. Hey, wasn't he supposed to be dead? Screaming teenage girls aside, Derek is on the hunt for his third and final werewolf recruit. This turns out to be Scott's classmate Boyd (played rather coolly by Sinqua Walls) and after an entertaining brawl between Erica, Isaac, Derek and Scott, it turns out to be too late – Boyd has already been bitten.

All in all, the episode is really not that bad. It just takes far too long to get going and the writers seem to be borrowing enough content from the likes of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries to make even Kristen Stewart crack a smile.

Watch a video interview with Scott and Stiles here!

BEST BIT Scott takes on Derek before finding out it's too late and the pack is complete.

Dr Deaton: “You might want to try a different perspective. This is just the entropy at work and this is more the natural way of the universe but it doesn't necessarily mean it's falling apart. It's just changing shape.”
Scott: “For better or worse?”
Dr Deaton: “Exactly.”

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