Teen Wolf 2.02 "Shape Shifted" REVIEW

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Teen Wolf 2.012 “Shape Shifted” REVIEW

Episode 2.02
Writer: Jeff Davies
Director: Russell Mulcahy

THE ONE WHERE It’s the full moon and as the Argents continue their rampage, we learn of Isaac’s true identity and a mysterious creature causes chaos.

VERDICT Where episode one was lacking, episode two certainly makes up for it. There’s far less smooching to make room for a welcome batch of much-needed action. The episode opens with a look into Isaac’s home (he was the awkward graveyard worker from episode one) with enough underlying tension throughout the scene to get you hooked. John Wesley Shipp plays Isaac’s father brilliantly and we can safely say he’s come a long way since his Dawson’s Creek days. His dark parenting approach is highlighted through a domestic abuse attempt, which causes us to realise that Isaac is more than he seems.

If that weren’t enough to get your teeth into, the Argents solidify themselves as the most screwed-up family in MTV history. A highly debatable statement but killing the school principle in a car through electric shock just so that Granddad (yes, Gerard!) can take-over is pretty messed up. Gerard as principle? This could get interesting…

The full moon means lock-up time for Scott, whilst Stiles and Derek try to rescue Isaac from the police station before he turns into the full moon’s big bad wolf. Stiles pulls off his usual geeky charm whilst Derek could give Alexander Skarsgard a run for his money in the supernatural sexy states. A highlight of the episode is some witty banter thrown between Stiles and Derek, so let’s hope the writers keep it up.

The various encounters with the mysterious creature make for a great season two storyline; it appears that the sudden growth in werewolves isn’t all that the Argents should be worried about. The only disappointment is that we actually get to see the creature in all its glory at the end of the episode – something that they could have definitely drawn out further down the line. Plus, it kind of looks like a froggy-Mystique; a character we’re already familiar with therefore not so scary.

BEST BIT Derek roars Isaac down, confirming his appointment as the Alpha male.

WORST BIT Allison's torch runs out in Issac's house. She panics… she could turn on the lights, no?

Stiles: “How? By punching her in the face?”
Derek: “By talking to her.”
Stiles: “Okay, give me a sample. What are you going to say first?”
Derek: “…”
Stiles: “Dead silence – that should work beautifully. Got any other ideas?”
Derek: “I’m thinking about punching you in the face.”

Sammy Maine

Teen Wolf airs in the UK on Sky Living, Thursdays, 8pm

Watch a video interview with Scott and Stiles here!

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