Taxi 2 review

After years of suffering mangled, dumb-ass American adaptations of their best movies, perhaps it's only fair that the French should crank out their own mangled dumb-ass versions of American flicks. You just have to wish that they hadn't started with the Police Academy series...

Yep, just like Taxi, this second installment offers up a hotchpotch of muddy slapstick, sloppy stunts, borderline-offensive stereotypes and semi-clad babes that would make Steve Guttenberg's heart swell with pride. You even get Frédéric Diefenthal essaying a fair impersonation of The Gutt as the cretinous French copper forced once again to turn to his loopy taxi-driving mate Samy Naceri for help when ninjas - - yes, ninjas - - kidnap his leggy German girlfriend (oh, and the Japanese ambassador). It's very silly stuff.

When this all got lumped into Taxi, the result was an enjoyable oddity. With nothing new on offer, Taxi 2 just seems like a worn retread. Don't bother flagging it down.

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