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TalkRadar 91- Final Fap-Fap-Fapasy

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The topics

The Top 7... Best Final Fantasy games
Alright, internet – let's settle this debate once and for all

What the f*** is going on with Infinity Ward?!
We break it down like only TalkRadar can: Poorly, with three drunk people who don’t know anything!

Final Fantasy XIII Super Review
Team Lightning comes correct with a breakneck, all-out fight for survival

Question of the Week
What’s one of your gateway games?
Ever play a game that opened you up to new genres and possibilities? Let us know what title dragged you into an all new faction of fandom in the fantastic GamesRadar forums!

In the office

Dark Bunny Teeshas been kind enough to provide us with EIGHT FREE SHIRTS to give away. We’ve made winning as easy as possible, sohead to our forums to find out how!

Above: Did you notice the shirts above are actually subtle references to Nightmare on Elm Street and Back to the Future? Good, pat your eyes on the back!

Best of all, winners will get to choose which shirt they want sohead to the websiteand at least give ‘em a look. They’re pretty goddamned cool AND LIMITED!

Above: Here’s how the look posed in a Wii Lifestyle shot!

Above: Chuck Bearhat got himself a brand new BioShock toy. Happy Splicing!

Above: Ever wonder where we get all that splendid game music you hear in the ‘cast? Answer: Brett Elston’s desk!

In the community

Above: Frootaloom immobilized Chris by yanking on his oldest heartstrings

Above: grabboids depicts a question for the ages, as discussed inTalkRadar 90

Above: The T in FTW may as well stand for twishart

Above: Servo gets to the heart of Heavy Rain’s problem via the mouth

Post date: March 5, 2010
T-Dar91 length: 2:30:04
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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