TalkRadar 60 - Barrel LOL

Listen to see if your favorite blue-haired beauty made our list ofTop 7... badass old folks.

The 40 most repeated game quotesare belong to Tyler Wilde, due to hislatest feature on gaming'sgreatest inescapable blurbs.

Mikel continueshis tradition of cinematic punishment withThe 5 worst things about Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. SPOILER: The man below isthe one of the most notorious game villains of all time?

We're giving away copies of 2009's greatest superhero film! Click to learn how.

HINT: It involves Ol' Archie here:

Question 44: What was the first movie game that made you hate movie games?

Also, taking our podcast out is a snippet from one of the greatest (most child-endangering?!) music videos we'vesome time:"Kids" by MGMT! Too bad they won't let us embed it... please don't sue, k?

Above: We're testing new audio equipment: PLEASE STAND BY

Above: Publicity shot from the upcoming TalkRadar spinoff: SOMETHING WILDE!

Above: Wii Sports Resort is almost here and Brett's got a ticket to ride... and waggle

Above: As you can see, the Wii Airlines ticket is tailored exclusively to Mr. Elston and nonrefundable

Above: Mechamorbo finally came through with Chris's request fromTalkRadar 58

Above: Ethically, we don't like what it implies aboutB Buttercup's credibility, but OuijaGuy's heart was in the right place *hugz*

Above: SmashTVAnt ruins hisfight stick with our ugly mugs

Above: And 435 desecrates a feat of human engineering with out logo

Above: KillDrone hostsThe First (and possibly last) TalkRadar Awards. Hurry andpick your favorites

Above: CorporalWhitcomb warms Chris's heart with a reference to our Game Deals jam

Above: frootaloomcombinesa Genesis classic with a canceled TV show for an amusing mash-up many will never get

Above: Csheroe shows us one of the reasons why theJVCD Street Fighter flickis better than the new one and still awful

Above: Mechamorbo continues our user's adventures in mispronunciation

Above: Tyler Child! Oh, just head to theOffical Fan Artthread for more of this wonderful nonsense...

Post date:
July 17, 2009
T-Dar 60 length: 1:57:46
Quote of the week: “That sounds like the Crystal Light of Sluts."
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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