Tabula Rasa goes to war

We've got new in-game footage from the massively multiplayer shooter Tabula Rasa. Is passively targeting enemies the future of shooters? Click on the Movies tab above to see for yourself. You may want to hover your mouse pointer over the mute button though - the music is pretty dodgy.

With a long and troubled development, Tabula Rasa's blend of shooter and online RPG is a strange one - check out our preview for the lowdown. But it proved to be a fun enough shooter in its own right when we played it at E3, and the general rule is that adding more players - hundreds more players, in this case - makes things even more fun, so we're quietly hopeful.

It's still not clear when Tabula Rasa will actually be released, but PC owners looking for a shoot-fest that's a little different might want to consider enlisting when it does.

October 3, 2006