System Shock 3 gameplay teaser shows monster combat and Shodan's bloody return

It's a good time to be a System Shock fan. Last month, Nightdive announced System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition - a remake looking to improve co-op play and incorporate modded missions - and now OtherSide Entertainment's released a proper minute-long gameplay teaser for System Shock 3, a sequel most people never expected in the first place. Better still, it looks mighty good. 

Like the games themselves, the rogue AI Shodan is the heart of the trailer. Her condescending, tyrannical narration sets the stage for a suite of cyberpunk horrors. "There is no evil here," she assures you, lying through her newly acquired and extremely unnerving teeth. "Only change. Run, rodent, run. You won't get far. Your species does not, in its current form, work as designed. Yet you resist. Your kind always reacts with violence. Your futile struggles entertain me. Our little dance has only just begun. Now comes the reckoning." 

Did I mention the teeth? Because holy crap.

(Image credit: OtherSide Entertainment)

*Shudders.* Anyway, the rest of the teaser is pretty creepy too, but its first-person combat and exploration looks promising. System Shock 3 has mutants cut in half horizontally, mutants cut in half down the middle, mutants attached to giant robot walkers, turrets, drones, and who knows what else Shodan's come up with. Meanwhile, you have a wrench. Also a taser, an ice beam, and some sort of assault rifle, but mostly a wrench. It wouldn't be a -Shock game without a wrench now, would it? 

System Shock 3 features the producer of the original game, as well as the original voice of Shodan.  

Austin Wood

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