Supreme Commander on the move

Supreme Commander(MOV, 31.6MB)

Thursday 25 May 2006
THQ's new PC title Supreme Commander was, for many, the game of this year's E3, and this new trailer may go some way to illustrating why.

Developed by Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander is a real-time strategy set in - wait for it - not the 35th, not the 36th, but the 37th century. Now that's what we call futuristic!

The Infinite War is raging between three factions, each one intent on being the supreme ruler of the galaxy and obliterating its rivals in the process. These factions are equipped with devastating war machines, which allows for RTS gaming on a truly epic scale.

The map created by Gas Powered is a stunning 6,400 square kilometres in size, but the developer has also concentrated on the detail of each unit - which can be inspected when zooming in on the conflict.

As well as impressing us with its sheer size, Supreme Commander is an extremely slick RTS that includes features such as coordinated attacks that pace the approach of several units so that all parties reach the frontline at the same time.

Supreme Commander will also support the use of two monitors so gamers can keep an eye on the world map on one, while zooming in on any battle that's in progress with the other.

Supreme Commander isn't out till next year but we'll be keeping you up to date with its progress.