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Supreme Commander review

The war on robotics


  • Huge sense of scale
  • More ambitious than most RTS's
  • Deep missions


  • So much to manage
  • Needs supercomputer to run
  • Landscapes a little bland

We’re turning the PC off now, just in case the sentient robots inside break out. Supreme Commander does funny things to your mind; its bombastic future-war could drive you to distraction. Or outright delusion.

Tonight was the last straw. We’re fairly certain the computer-controlled enemy commander just played a trick on us. The bait was a small group of light tanks leaving its base, as well asthe cover of its anti-air flak cannons. It was heading toward a remote resource point. We couldn’t sit back and ignore them.

On these battlefields, every scrap of metal and every power-plant matters. As soon as we felt safe, we ordered a fleet of gunships, the future-war equivalent of Apache helicopters, to take them out.

More Info

DescriptionDespite its slow pace and performance, Supreme Commander is advanced and spectacular.
PlatformXbox 360, PC
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date23 June 2008 (US), 12 September 2008 (UK)