Superman Returns hands-on

Thursday 11 May 2006
EA's heroic action game, Superman Returns, is ready to launch on 26 June for PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, PSP and DS. So like some magical Kryptonite-wrought typewriter, we got personal with the game to drain the Man of Steel's essence and put it into words.

Clark Kent's home, Metropolis, is faithfully reproduced - and ready to be bombed, broken, burnt and torn to pieces if you fail in your super-saving duties. The whole city is there to stretch your muscle in, but thanks to Superman's ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet, you shouldn't have a problem getting around.

The analogue sticks control your flight, although we haven't been told how this will transfer to portables - which will obviously boast very different mechanics. But on the bigger consoles it makes for intuitive skyscraper-buzzing.

Above: Superman will be tested by a number of more natural disasters than Metallo, like earthquakes

One mission sees Superman soar protectively around, over and under a blimp while under assault from winged beasties, without any frustrating finger-scrambling readjustments in mid-air.

Objectives are geared towards putting you between Metropolis and a suitably challenging threat. We've already shown you Metallo, the gigantic robot super villain, but Superman's strength will be tested by a number of more natural disasters, like earthquakes, where you'll need his mega-strength to save toppling bridges and skyscrapers.

We had a chat with executive producer Chris Gray to get his word on the game - just click the features tab to see what he says. The game is enjoyable, although Metropolis looks a little bland and lifeless. But with enough epic-scale, all action challenges, Superman Returns could be the superhero game to rule all others.