Super Smash Bros Ultimate's next DLC character is Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Terry Bogard, fighter and protagonist from the Fatal Fury series, will suit up and join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. According to the September 4 Nintendo Direct presentation, the character will join the game sometime in November 2019 in what Nintendo and SNK are calling 'Super Smash Bros. x Fatal Fury,'

Terry Bogard is the fourth Smash fighter announced in the upcoming DLC. He'll join Persona 5's Joker, N64 icons Banjo and Kazooie, and the hero from Dragon Quest XI. The other characters have yet to be announced. Bogard is the blonde-haired, blue-jeaned American fighter from developer SNK's Fatal Fury series - the first title debuted back in 1991 for the Neo Geo console.

News had leaked earlier this week that the next fighter could be from an SNK game, which puzzled some fans who were expecting someone a little more, erm, current? The 30-year-old game may not be the obvious choice to supply a new fighter, but Bogard's nemesis (Geese Howard, you read that right) has already made his way into another fighting game - Tekken 7.

For anyone hoping for more Super Smash Bros. DLC announcement - there weren't any, save for the promise of more fighters both yet to be announced and in development. Do D.Va, you cowards!

Banjo and Kazooie dropped immediately after the culmination of the Nintendo Direct presentation, along with a helpful tutorial video from Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai to help you get acquainted with their fighting styles.

D.Va isn't a total stretch, as Nintendo just confirmed the release date for Overwatch on Switch.

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