Super Mario Strikers datamine discovers creepy wannabe Mario models

Super Mario Strikers
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario Strikers has been hiding some bizarre secrets since it debuted on the GameCube in 2006. 

Dataminer @Dogon_McBanana took to Twitter with a thread of examples found within the annals of Super Mario Strikers, including a team of "generic Mario style humans". Aside from resembling comic character Andy Capp, these humanoid models are dressed in Mario-esque costumes, almost as though they're clones. 

The same thing is seen with DK, with the insinuation, according to @Dogon_McBanana, that each team captain was meant to have their own "unique team of sidekicks" at some point. Each captain, including DK and Luigi, have their own duplicates, textures included, but in a "weird" format. 

In addition to these strange characters, the game was hiding a Dull Bones from the Paper Mario series, referred to as a "Medic" in addition to security Pianta characters as seen in Super Mario Sunshine, which appear to have gone unused.

All of these models come in tandem with a variety of cameras, TV vans, and even an appearance by Shy Guy. Perhaps most interestingly, there were a variety of unused banners and signs, in addition to a variety of unused Mario recolors. There are both Wario and Luigi palette swaps for the plumber, but nothing to explain their presence, beyond apparent character customization that didn't make the cut in the final game. 

As @Dogon_McBanana points out, all of these models are accessible by way of Switch Toolbox, in the event you'd like to see them for yourself. 

Of course, there's no official context behind these images, so we'll have to surmise what they may have been used for all on our own. With Mario Strikers: Battle League coming to the Switch this summer, the sport-centric Mario series is seeing a comeback. 

Perhaps we'll see unused ideas from the past come to life in the new entry when it launches on June 10. Until then, it's still entertaining to wonder what could have been. 

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Brittany Vincent