Super Mario Odyssey goes Broadway (Donkway?) in new live-action trailer

Super Mario Odyssey has a theme song befitting a new-age musical, don't you think? Just look at these lyrics:

Here we go, off the rails
Don't you know it's time to raise our sails?
It's freedom like you never knew

Don't need bags, or a pass,
Say the word, I'll be there in a flash
You could say my hat is off to you

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon,
From this great wide wacky world,
Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah!

Okay, other than the whole "grab coins with me" bit, admit it: that sounds like something that could be playing off Broadway right now. And lest you think I'm alone in this, a new live-action commercial for the game shows Mario dancing it up with well-dressed citizens of New Donk City. So apparently I'm not the only one who sees a stage in Mario's future.

Not enough gameplay for you? Japan also got a new trailer of Odyssey, and it's all in-game footage, with glimpses of a few details I've never seen before. Did you know that if Mario rolls face-first into a cactus he'll get needles stuck in his nose?

Man this game looks great - we'll find out for sure when it comes to Nintendo Switch on October 27.

Sam Prell

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