Super Best Friend is the team-up between a superhero and his oversharing best friend

Super Best Friend
(Image credit: Sarah Leuver)

Former DC host Jason Inman is taking a bit from his time with the publisher as inspiration for a new comic book series called Super Best Friend. 

(Image credit: George Kambadais)

"Super Best Friend originally came to me when I hosted DC All Access (DC Comics official YouTube show)," says Inman in the announcement. "If superheroes existed in the actual world, fans would post videos about them all the time, and that could lead to a lot of sticky situations. What if one of these online fan channels posted something they shouldn't? I wanted to explore the modern superhero fandom through the lens of a superhero sidekick and super fan, Mattie Moore -- the titular Super Best Friend."

The series is currently taking pre-orders for Super Best Friend #1 on Kickstarter, already nearing their $7,000 goal just hours after launch.

Inman and artist George Kambadais are teaming up for this 48-page one-shot featuring Moore and his "super best friend", Captain Terrific. It's not all glamour shots, however, as things go wrong when Mattie accidentally livestreams Captain Terrific revealing his secret identity. The story then turns into a zany saga as Matti tries whatever he can to somehow restore his friend's secret.

(Image credit: Sarah Leuver)

"Captain Terrific is a superhero I created back in 2006. It wasn't until 2018 when I started writing and convinced George to draw the adventure of Mattie and Captain Terrific," Inman continued. "So as you can see, Super Best Friend has been a book long in the making! I hope everyone enjoys my love letter to the Silver Age of comics and superheroes."

Inman and Kambadais are joined by letterer Taylor Esposito, with variant covers by Travis Mercer and Sarah Leaver.

Super Best Friend #1 will be available in July 2021.

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