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SunAge review

An incompetent truth


  • Feeling nostalgia for the past
  • 3 whole factions!
  • Clicking on things!


  • Tired
  • unoriginal story
  • Basic RTS functions missing
  • Clunky UI

SunAge is a terrible RTS, lacking definition, originality, or fun, wrapped in a half-arsed story.The gameis a bleak view of the future shoehorned into a decrepit seven year-old RTS, which lets you take control of one of three factions: mutants, humans and robots. The former two are fighting for superiority on a radiation-ravaged Earth. Then, in a classic moment of human idiocy, the humans discover a gateway to a new planet that is just right for continuing the race - but when they jump through, it's full of angry robots. Oh noes!!1oneone

More Info

DescriptionSunAge is a terrible RTS, lacking definition, originality and fun. Don't even think about it.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date28 January 2008 (US), (UK)