Stripped gears

We just got a new video for Forza Motorsport 2 that flashes some hot car customization action all over the screen. While it smacks of target video (not actually in-game footage, but slapped together computer generated mock-up video), it still sets the bar pretty high for the upcoming rubber-layer. Judging by the amount of optional equipment featured in the video, it looks like a huge variety of parts will be interchangeable from brake packages to custom exhaust manifolds to aerodynamic body kits.

Some new tricks for the racing trade appear to be new diagnostic tools to ensure the new parts boost performance exactly the way you expect them to. For example, the video depicts a wind tunnel for gauging drag coefficient and downforce (two extremely technical terms that we like throwing around - basically how aerodynamic your car is and how well it sticks to the pavement respectively). Click the Movies tab above to peep the legitimacy.

Still scheduled for a Fall 2006 release, we reckon 360 owners will be clamoring for a new racer by then. After the abundance of racing games released at the 360 launch and the long draught that has followed, we know we're looking to burn some more rubber.

July 26, 2006