Street party of five comes out swinging

Capcom has announced Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for PS2, a generous compilation which will give beat-'em-up fans the opportunity to experience all four games from the Alpha arcade series in one package.

The compilation contains arcade conversions of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Also, as a bonus, the cutesy Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (also known as Pocket Fighter ) will be included in the package.

Street Fighter Alpha was actually a prequel to Street Fighter 2 in terms of storyline, but developed the fighting system by introducing Super Combos and Alpha Counters. The Alpha series was inspired by the success of the Street Fighter 2 animated movie, the climax of which saw Ken and Ryu combine to take on M. Bison. This led to the inclusion of a Dramatic Battle Mode which allows 2-on-1 tag-team matches.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix is a wonderfully cute SF experience which has tiny, big headed versions of Ryu, Chun-Li, and many of their famous friends and foes, leathering into each other to collect power-up gems.

The Anthology comes complete with a gallery featuring wonderful Street Fighter character art.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology will be released for the PS2 but no release date has been confirmed.