Stealth on the high seas

Last week, we took you through some of the highlights of Sam Fisher's adventures in Shanghai, but this week we've got something really special cooked up for you. After toiling in the dark of night for weeks, we figured it was time for Sam to enjoy a little rest and relaxation... and what better place for chillin' out than lovely Cozumel Mexico, premiere cruise destination among only the most elite super spies. Click the Movies tab above to bask in the majesty that is Sam Fisher doing what he does best: kill a lot of people and sneak around.

Of course, all of this - the cruise, the beach attire, the grizzled I'm-on-vacation beard stubble - are part of Sam's cover as a double agent. He's been "invited" by John Brown's Army (that pesky terrorist cell that Sam's been trying to embed himself within) to enjoy a little sun aboard a large cruise ship... and plant a test nuke. See, Emile (the leader of the JBA) isn't a really trusting guy, so it figures that he wants to make sure the nuclear bombs he just bought in Shanghai actually work as advertised. No big deal, right? Have a mai tai, splash around in the pool a bit and then detonate a pile of fissionable material right on the prow - all in a day's work for a secret agent in too deep.