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StarCraft impersonator wows live audience

We know we’re probably wrong, but we desperately want to believe that South Korea is the StarCraft paradise that we think it is. It’s where StarCraft II was first announced, and in our minds it’s the kind of place where pretty girls shower pro players with roses. It’s the land of milk and honey, where the internet is always fast, gaming cafes are everywhere, and pro matches are broadcast on major networks – and now we have to watch this: a video of some guy cracking up a live audience with spot-on impressions of popular StarCraft units. God, we wish we understood Korean.

With StarCraft II fast approaching, it’s just too much to bear. We have no idea what this comedian is saying between his impressions, but if you’ve ever played the original StarCraft, we guarantee you’ll enjoy them.

Above: The video of thisKorean SoundCrafter has been making its rounds around the blogosphere due to it being awesome

Above: More amazing impressions

Mar 9, 2010