StarCraft II Protip: Executing a Baneling bust

You've amassed the greatest Zerg army ever witnessed by any mortal, and nothing can stand in your way in StarCraft II! Except maybe a bunch of filthy unmovable buildings. If Terran and Protoss jerkfaces keep blocking your rushes, there's only one solution: blow everything up.

In this PC Gamer Protip, Associate Editor Josh Augustine teaches us how to break through enemy defenses with the Baneling bust, or as GamesRadar might have referred to it in 2007, a "goosplosion." Check out the introduction above, and see how the tactic plays out against both Terran and Protoss opponents below!

Executing a Baneling Bust vs. a Protoss Opponent

Executing a Baneling Bust vs. a Terran Opponent