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Star Wars Battlefront is getting a new Hutt Contracts mode

Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) is getting a new Hutt Contracts mode according to a recently discovered (opens in new tab) but currently unlisted EA video. Just in case it gets taken down, here's the GIF version:

While it's not entirely clear how the new mode works, this tweet from lead designer Dennis Brännvall seems to suggest it'll be some sort of bounty challenge. Unsurprising, considering it's Jabba.

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However it works, it looks like it'll get you new guns with Reddit (opens in new tab) noting he seems to be offering non-DLC weapons. Specifically that pistol, recently seen in Star Wars Rebels but more famously used by a semi-blind Han Solo to shoot a Sarlac tentacle in Return Of The Jedi.

The other weapon is obviously some sort of sniper rifle but I'm not sure what sort of variant. It currently looks like the DLT-19 heavy blaster only with a scope. Which is worrying...

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Leon Hurley
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