Star Wars 3D in cinemas by 2012

Star Wars

Star Wars is set to return to cinema screens in 2012 with 3D re-releases of all six films , seven years after Revenge Of The Sith called the whole thing off.

George Lucas is finally happy that enough cinemas worldwide are now equipped with suitable 3D equipment to warrant the re-issue, and has gotten to work converting the first prequel Episode 1: The Phantom Menace for screens.

In a bit of a stinker plan-wise, Lucas plans to release Episode 1 first in 2012, and then the rest of the series will follow in consecutive years based on how well Menace fares. In other words: you have to watch Phantom Menace again!

Still, pod-racing in 3D should be enough of a consolation, as well as the anticipation of seeing all those classic moments (Carbonite freezing! Yoda training! Death Star bye-bye!) re-rendered on the big screen.

Of course, you could always just settle for re-watching the original three on your suped-up home entertainment system, but where’s the fun in that?

Meanwhile, Lucas is planning on releasing all six films on Blu-ray next year, with “upgraded picture and sound quality” alongside brand new deleted scenes and new-to-Blu features.

Will the 3D re-releases be a hit? Impossible to see, the future is. Still, we wouldn't mind catching The Empire Strikes Back up there again.

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