SSX: On Tour review

Take to the powder

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  • +

    The new inclusion of skiers

  • +

    Sheer vastness of courses

  • +

    Monster Tricking with the analog stick


  • -

    No switching from skier to boarder

  • -

    The Xtreme! motif can be obnoxious

  • -

    Not much different from SSX 3

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SSX: On Tour is a fantastic game... but scratch beneath the surface veneer and it’s definitely an evolution rather than revolution. Yet you’d be forgiven for assuming the latter. First up is the new skiing option. There are those in the boarding fraternity that can’t abide their cousins on skis and imagine that the introduction of the two-footers into their extreme sports games tantamount to collaboration with the enemy. But apart from shelving this outdated view (hey - we all love the snow, dude), whichever you choose, the controls and results are broadly the same.

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DescriptionBigger and more beautiful. A quicker SSX, jam-packed with 'sicker', 'iller' and 'doper' runs - and through the sheer quantity of those runs alone we give this the nod for veterans and newcomers alike.
US censor rating"Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+"
UK censor rating"","","",""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)