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Sponsored: Hitman Sniper Challenge Week 11 winners

The rooftop assassination fun never stops with the ongoing Hitman Sniper Challenge continuing to attract some disturbingly efficient long-range projectile experts. Here’s the latest round-up of winners, each earning a stubby Agent 47 figure:


1st place: ‘JH1701’ with a score of 2,033,360

Xbox 360

1st place: ‘HankScorpio’ with a score of 4,341,375


1st place: ‘DarksDaemon’ with a score of 5,856,412

There are also some special bonus prizes for players who topped the leaderboards on 2 October. What makes 2 October so special? It was (Agent) 47 days before the launch of Hitman Absolution. Got it? Good. Anyway, first prize winner gets a limited edition Ben Oliver Hitman print, and the runners-up each get a stubby Agent 47 figure:

1st place: ‘Holy 21’ with a score of 6,636,596 (PC)

Runner-up: ‘rockermal’ with a score of 1,895,555 (Xbox 360)

Runner-up: ‘soras_dream’ with a score of 1,584,949 (PS3)

Well done to all the winners.

There’s not long to go before the big prize (have your face immortalised in a future Hitman game!) is dished out and the winner presented with a Golden Joystick at Future Publishing’s annual Golden Joystick Awards on 26th October 2012. So keep shooting men in the head and racking up almighty scores.

For all the details on how to get involved, head to

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