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Sponsored: Hitman Sniper Challenge latest winners, voice of Agent 47 to present ultimate prize at Golden Joystick Awards

This is it. After weeks of rooftop target practice, the chance to win the Hitman Sniper Challenge ultimate prize closes this Friday, 19 October. And by ultimate prize we mean ULTIMATE PRIZE! By which we mean the opportunity to meet Agent 47. Not the actual Agent 47 (just a game character, could be tricky to organise) but the next best thing – the voice actor and physical model for the bald-headed assassin, David Bateson. Like we said, ULTIMATE PRIZE!

Here’s a picture of David Bateson:

So to recap, the 11 finalists (comprised of the monthly winners to date) will compete in a Grand Final staged at the Park Plaza hotel in London on the morning of Friday 26 October. The winner of the Grand Final will then be showered with the kind of money-can’t-buy prizes any fan of developer IO Interactive’s series would kill for (probably in a calm, controlled, coldly efficient manner) at the Golden Joystick Awards later in the day.

The Grand Final winner’s prize is:

  • To be immortalised in a future Hitman game via the medium of having their face scanned and applied to a character model.
  • To be presented with a Golden Joystick (not actual gold) at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, which takes place in fancy London on Friday 26 October.
  • To be presented the Golden Joystick by David Bateson - the original voice and character model of Agent 47.

So the stakes are high. If you’re in with a shot, keep shooting. Good luck.

As for the most recent Sniper Challenge winners, each of whom receives a stubby Agent 47 figure, here they are:

  • PS3: ‘inonman’ with a score of 5,130,418
  • PC: ‘Gentleman’ with a score of 2,500,650
  • 360: ‘daniels1989’ with a score of 2,158,462

Well done to all the winners.

Even after the big prize has been claimed there’s still going to be plenty to play for (i.e. more prizes) until Hitman: Absolution is released on 20 November. So keep sniping.

For all the details on how to get involved, head to

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