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Splinter Cell 3: New images and movies

If stealth's your game, then taking the enemy out quickly and quietly is paramount. With that in mind, Ubisoft have gifted Splinter Cell main man Sam Fisher with two new abilities in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. We have short movies demonstrating Sam's new palm strike, knee attack, knife thrust and stun punch in action, plus some very lush images of Chaos Theory in both Solo and Vs modes.

As great as Pandora Tomorrow was, it could never be seen as a leap forward in the series. Chaos Theory has taken up that particular mantle and, to find out exactly how it moves the franchise on, check out .

In related news, Ubisoft recently confirmed that the game will now also be released for PS2.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was originally scheduled for a November release but it has now been pushed back to early 2005