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Spike Island review

An indie band travel to Spike Island to see the Stone Roses

Where Shane Meadows’ Stone Roses doc Made Of Stone was all about the band, Mat Whitecross’ coming-of-ager is all about the fans – specifically teenager Tits (Elliott Tittensor) and his pals’ attempts to snag tickets to the Roses’ legendary 1990 Spike Island gig.

The plot frays long before the boys take a wrong turn en route to the Cheshire venue, and there are some horribly clunky dialogue-to-song segues.

But the cast add uplift (including Lesley Manville as an unlikely film-stealer), while Whitecross’ stylized flourishes – and a great soundtrack – highlight how music can shape the landscape of young lives.

Like the Roses’ career, this baggy love-in is saggy but also energised and endearing.

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