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Spectral Souls review

Is this an RPG or a waiting simulator?

Souls also incorporates an action timeline to determine who's attacking and in what order - think Grandia III or Atelier Iris 2. So, figuring out which attacks to pull off before the enemy gets a chance to fight back is crucial. Combining normal strategy elements from the Disgaea series with such a sweat-inducing aspect makes this battle system one of the coolest we've seen in a while.

Except, of course, we can barely stand to play for more than one battle at a time. You won't care that crucial battles during the game can affect the whole plotline for three separate armies, or that each of these armies has its own set of missions, troops and quirks that make replaying Souls an attractive option. No, you won't care at all, because you will spend more time waiting for stuff to load than anything else.

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionA pretty solid strategy RPG with an excellent battle system, completely destroyed by monstrous loading times.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date17 October 2006 (US), 17 October 2006 (UK)