Soulcalibur Legends - first look

Admit it, Wii owners: the moment you got a glimpse of the fake-but-stunningtrailer for Soulcalibur IV (opens in new tab), you felt like you'd been rammed in the gut with the game's trademark giant-ass demon sword. Your lip quivered, your eyes filled with tears like a PSPleft at home (opens in new tab)and you stammered out something about wanting to play as Link again, like you could in SoulCalibur II. Sorry kid; your system just can't handle these graphics.

But don't feel too left out in the cold, because Namco Bandai is making you your own special game, Soulcalibur Legends. It may not be as well-endowed as the 360/PS3 beat-down (Feel that? It's the sword twisting in your belly), but with Wii-specific controls and what looks to be a much greater emphasis upon plot, this is destined to be the most unique SC game yet conceived.

We'll get the big thing out of the way first: Legends is a third-person action game, rather than a one-on-one fighter, and will star at least three series regulars: the katana-wielding ronin Mitsurugi; hot goth dominatrix-with-a-chain-sword Ivy; and everyone's favorite gigantic broadsword slinging knight: Siegfried. The storyline takes place between the first and second arcade games (Soul Blade and Soul Calibur), and chronicles Siegfried's search for the fabled mystical demon sword - and his resulting transformation into the vile, villainous Nightmare.

Eric Bratcher
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