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Sony under pressure to drop prices, says analyst

The 360 price drop wasofficially confirmedjust today, and already the analysts are on the case, with their crystal balls showing images of a "nervous" Sony.

Now that the 360 Elite is £40 (about $80) cheaper than a PS3, industry analyst Strategy Analytics says Sony will be feeling pressured to cut the price of the PS3 to maintain the console's recent sales spike.

David Mercer, Principal Analyst, said: "Sony will be nervous that the PS3's recent sales surge may fizzle out now that the premium Xbox 360 undercuts the PS3 by £40, and the cheapest Xbox model is almost half the price of a PS3."

Regardless, Mercer doesn't expect Sony to make a move until later in the year. "Sony will be scrutinizing the daily sales reports, but will probably try to hold out until later in the year before making its next price move," he said (viaBusiness Wire).

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 10, 2008