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Sony 'secret' finally revealed in full

Oct 5, 2007

Sony has finally remembered to announce the new 40GB PS3 model thateveryone has been talking aboutfor the last few weeks. It launches in the UK next Wednesday (10 October) for £299. As expected, it has shed a few features, with two USB ports instead of four, no multi memory card port and the loss of backwards compatibility with PS2 titles.

The PlayStation maker also revealed that the existing PS3 starter pack, which currently sells for around £425, will be replaced by a 60GB value pack. Besides the console - which is backwards compatible with PS2 games, by the way - the pack will include a Sixaxis controller and two first party games. The bundle will carry a £349 price tag.

Will the 40GB PS3 and the new value pack be enough to steal the gaze of prospective punters in the all-important Christmas frenzy? The lower pricing will surely make PS3 more attractive, but without a BioShock or Halo 3 equivalent to really sex it up, Sony still has a lot of work to do if it wants to convince gamers that PS3 is a must-have console.

Above: The new 40GB PS3, somehow looking not quite so shiny as the 60GB...