Sony pulls more PSN games

Following the removal of MediEvil from the PlayStation Store, two more games have been flagged up as faulty and pulled from the PS3 download service.

"As you have probably noticed by now, Spyro 2 and Crash Bandicoot [2] have also been temporarily withdrawn from the PlayStation Store due to some issues that you have brought to our attention," said Sony.

MediEvil was the first game to be pulled as users found that the game consistently crashes out on the third level, rendering it impossible to finish. Users have since reported encountering sound issues in Spyro 2.

Sony said: "We are currently investigating the reports of issues associated with MediEvil and Spyro 2. This investigation is highly technical and requires some time to work through. We are making progress and we will be communicating with people who bought these items directly within the next 10 days."

Sony says Crash 2 was removed as a "purely precautionary" measure, and it is "optimistic that the title will be back in the store shortly."

Once the fixed versions are back online, those who've already purchased the games will simply be able to delete it and re-download the new version free of charge.

August 7, 2007