PSN downloads are slow, and now games are crawling too

Update: While PSN users in the UK and Europe deal with sluggish download speeds, online gaming features are suffering in North America. It's not clear whether the issues are related, but the latter problem is "due to factors external to PSN" according to Sony's network status page. Hopefully that just means a provider screwing up somewhere, and it's not yet another hack.

Did your Batman Arkham Knight download trickle down from PSN like you had a dial up internet connection? You're not alone. It turns out that we're all suffering from long loading bar-itis on PS4 and Sony knows about the problem. A post on the PlayStation official forum says "We are aware of reports that some users are experiencing slower then usual download speeds from the PlayStation Store. This has been reported to our network team for investigation. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates."

It's been especially apparent this week with the Batman Arkham Knight's day one patch - people have been reporting a 12 hour download time for 3.5GB - but all games seem to be affected. If you're planning on some quality time with the caped crusader this weekend, get that disc in the drive now.

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