Sony "not taking the safe route" with PS3

Dec 4, 2007

SCEA boss Jack Tretton has stated that Sony is "not taking the safe route" with the PS3, as it pitches for a long-term win with a "real state-of-the-art, future-proof machine.”

Tretton admits that PS3's first year sales were disappointing, but insists there's no need for concern.

"I think it fell short of what we'd ideally like," he said, "but if you put it into perspective, we're not taking the safe route."

He goes on to state: "We didn't take the PlayStation 2 and add a few bells and whistles to it. [...] What we're trying to do here is ... refocus the game industry towards high-definition gaming, a real state-of-the-art, future-proof machine for the next decade."

Tretton goes on to point at the previous success of the PlayStation platform as a sign of things to come for PS3.

"I look at it very much like we looked at the business when we entered back in 1995. You've got two very formidable competitors, and we debut the original PlayStation - which is a complete departure from what our competition is doing - and we sold a million and a half units in the first year.

"We exceeded that with PS2," he toldMSNBC. "... I see this as the dawn of a new generation of gaming. I think if you have that long-term perspective, while I fully admit we'd like to have sold more units, it's hardly cause for panic."

Courtesy of CVG.