Sony: Fewer, but more significant firmware updates

Jan 10, 2008

Sony's PlayStation Network director of operations Eric Lempel has told Next Generation that we should expect fewer, but more significant firmware updates.

"Many of our upgrades have offered tremendous value to our users so I think they appreciate getting these new features as soon as they are ready," he said duringan interview with Next Generation. "We're certainly going to continue to plan on combining features so we can roll out fewer, but more significant firmware updates.

"With millions of users using our products in different ways and connecting them to a wide variety of equipment, there is the potential, on occasion, that an unforeseen issue will be brought to our attention. We like to take corrective action as fast as possible to ensure our users are having the best experience with our products. The best way for us to do this is through firmware updates. We are looking at ways of making this process easier going forward."

Courtesy ofNext Generation.