Sony and Microsoft set E3 press conferences

Sony and Microsoft's pre-E3 press conference plans are set. The PlayStation maker today announced its presentation will begin at 6 p.m. Pacific on June 10, and Microsoft previously revealed its conference will start earlier that day at 10 a.m (via Polygon).

Neither company has further elaborated on what it plans to talk about. By May 21 the next Xbox will be a known quantity, and Sony fans will be more eager than ever to see PlayStation 4's hardware.

It would also be a pretty great time to announce a price cut for PS Vita, Sony. Just sayin'.

Nintendo's press conference would normally follow the next day, but it ain't playing that game no more. Instead, we'll see a few more low-key events at and around the conference, on top of more Nintendo Directs.

What do you expect Sony and Microsoft to cover with both next-gen consoles already out of the bag?

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