Sonic to crash Super Smash Bros?

Tuesday 22 August 2006
Upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii already made a splash at E3 with the inclusion of a non-Nintendo figure - Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake - but rumours are swirling that he may not be the only newcomer to the fight party. Recent comments by the game's creators, including the ever-teasing Shigeru Miyamoto himself, indicate that overwhelming fan response has called for Sonic to step into a very different kind of ring.

We contacted Sega regarding this development and were told by a spokesman: "We're happy to hear that consumers continue to express a high level of interest in our favourite hedgehog. Sega maintains a close relationship with Nintendo but nothing has been committed at this point."

Not quite a yes, but not quite a no, then - although Sonic's recent appearances on DS and Wii have certainly been well-received. It may be a decade too late to settle all those schoolyard fanboy arguments but we can't think of too many dream matches more iconic than Mario and Sonic squaring off in a war of the mascots.