SOCOM screens un-SEALed

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Last week we brought you the first news of the PSP version of SOCOM, but now we have the screens to back up those words.

Released today from Sony's pre-E3 conference, these shots show just what the SEALs can expect from the ever-changing landscape and terrain seen throughout Bravo 2's 14 levels. And to keep things interesting, the game also mixes up these missions allowing you to pick your own path and strategy through the campaign.

And once you've completed a level in solo mode, that map will become active all over again with new objectives and enemies, thus adding replay value to every part of the game. Of course, that is without even mentioning the three new online modes, the 16-player online option and the chance to create your own clans, compete in tournaments and use the game's enhanced friends list and instant messaging features.

We'll have more on SOCOM on PSP, PS2 and possibly PS3 once we can muscle our way through the civilians to get to Sony's private area in the West Hall.

Above: SOCOM waits for cover of night before infiltrating PSP