SOCOM 3's secret screens snapped

Online gaming hasn't really grabbed the massed ranks of the PS2 player yet but those it has swear by the SOCOM series - and quite often at it and about it, too.

For its third foray into enemy territory the stealth squad shooter is promising to add a sharper enemy AI, a stronger solo mode and, most thrillingly of all, vehicles, to the flipper-wearing grunts' armoury.

Blasting across battle arenas promised to be six times larger than before, the two teams of troopers will be able to nab 20 vehicles including tanks, Humvees and boats. More importantly, the Navy SEALs (SEa, Air and Land) can finally swim, and even retrieve black plastic bricks from the bottom of the pool.

The team's tactical flexibility has also increased, as you will be able to split Alpha and Bravo squads and use over 30 types of technology and weapons such as airburst grenades, torches and laser designators.

At the moment there is still plenty of development work to be done but Zipper have already revealed that Morocco, Bangladesh and Poland will be among the playable locations and that the game will support up to 16 gunmen online.

SOCOM 3 will be released for PS2 in the autumn