Sleepover review

On its all-surface surface, Sleepover is a fizzy, wholesome tweeny-pitched frolic starring Spy Kids' Alexa Vega and set in Hollywood's all-white, all-the-toys suburban monoculture.

Two inches down, its laboured "'glad to be me"' messages (chicks skateboarding; one faintly chubby kid among the teen anorexics; un-nerdy pals fretting over the social pecking order) aren't much of an improvement on The Partridge Family.

Built around the "madcap" slumber-party escapades of Vega and her junior-high pals, it's essentially another princess-y adventure. This time, the crown belongs to a gallant prom king (Sean Faris as a younger, taller Tom Cruise), but the dreams-come-true are still all about I-can't-believe-he-picked-me snogs while Vega's gang's scavenger-hunt triumph over the inevitable Bitchy Blondes makes Molly Ringwald's Pretty In Pink travails look like Pixote. No swear words, but not nearly as harmless as its creators think.

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