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SingStar review

For a classy spot of singalong fun, with a neat, crisp style, take one of these, says GamesMaster

We've seen you. Sat like a wallflower at the back of the room every time your big sister gets the karaoke machine out, for fear of being picked on or made to sing a painful Gareth Gates number.

It's not like you're against the principle but you want to sing the songs you want, with all your mates, and in a dead cool way, like. Well, I think we might have the answer, because not only does SingStar look dead cool, it's got some of the best fun karaoke classics you could ever wish for.

Imagine the crisp feel of EyeToy combined with the look of a club flyer, all held together with a bundle of tunes from artists ranging from The Darkness and Lemar to Madonna and Motorhead. But rather than being a straight karaoke experience, the game measures the pitch of your voice. The more accurate your singing, the more points you get. But if you're flatter than Geri Halliwell you're stage time will be cut short.

The Story mode is ace, the videos are mostly originals and the multiplayer even lets you battle it out on the same song via the two USB microphones bundled with it. It's dead simple to pick up and nigh-on impossible to put down. Even the grumpiest curmudgeon couldn't fail to have a heck of a hoot with it.

SingStar is out now for PS2

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionThe presentation of this karaoke game is very clean and crisp - allowing you to easily see what pitch to sing while being able to enjoy the music videos (or photo collages, in the case of pre-MTV jams).
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date14 November 2006 (US), 14 April 2006 (UK)