SimCity DS: First screen

This first image from the upcoming SimCity DS finally gives us a glance at how the game will use the handheld's dual-screen setup. And, though it might not be heart-stoppingly pretty, we can confirm that the game makes effective use of DS's stylus sensitive screen and microphone.

From scribbling your signature on important documents to huff-puffing on the microphone to blow out fires, SimCity DS may also feature multiplayer - publisher EA tells us that there's a "wireless data exchange" in the works. Will we be swapping city blueprints? Flogging unwanted buildings? Or maybe passing on unwelcome visitors? It's clear as mud at the moment, but we'll soon find out.

EA reckons SimCity DS will be launching this summer - and they should know, being the publisher 'n all - which ought to make it the perfect long-haul journey companion.

February 28, 2007